Claus Horstmann | Expert for Change Management & Circular Economy according to Cradle to Cradle

Claus Horstmann Member of the colourful excellence network & active c2c ngo member
Claus Horstmann

Big, strong & level-headed

Best quality: sovereign :-)

Claus advises companies, clubs, associations and marketers in the sports, entertainment and leisure industry. He advises on strategic and operational projects, particularly in the areas of sustainability, business development and change management. Claus is a network partner of Colourful Excellence and owner of his own consulting company, Horstmann Strategie & Management Consulting.

Claus is an active member of Cradle to Cradle NGO and spokesman of the C2C NGO Regional Group Cologne.



  • Spokesman of the Cradle to Cradle NGO Regional Group Cologne
  • Circular Economy
  • Strategy Consulting
  • Change Management
  • Business Development
  • Turn Around Management
  • Process- & Revenue Optimization
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Ticketing
  • CRM


  • Entertainment Industry
  • Leisure 
  • Sports
  • Trade

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