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Decades of professional practice in various disciplines and multiple industries make us accomplished experts in consulting. The great thing about us: our thoughts, strategies and approaches are as colourful as we are and as colourful as your business needs to be. The greatest advantage for you as an entrepreneur is that we aren’t just colleagues, we are dear friends, and have been for many years. Because of this we know each other’s thoughts, skills and strengths.

This benefits you greatly as our client because it demonstrates that we are a well-rehearsed team and you can absolutely rely on us like you could any close friend. 

Three colourful business experts. One great network.

Claus Horstmann Colourful Excellence
Claus Horstmann
Frank K. Pohl Colourful Excellence
Frank K. Pohl
Gian Luca Pagliaro Colourful Excellence
Gian Luca Pagliaro

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