Ready for good vibes?

Colourful Excellence | Experienced, intuitive and ecological focused.  And all with good vibes for you, for us, for everyone.

People are colorful, life is colorful, the world is colorful! This is not only true in private life, but also in business. The experienced consultants of Colourful Excellence follow the conviction that modern business consulting should be as colorful as your company and your team. And it should promote and support the environmental friendliness (circular economy) of your products and services. Because our environment is also diverse and colorful. And should remain so in the future. 


Every company and every project deserves an individual approach and, ideally, interdisciplinary expertise. For this reason, very different personalities have come together as consultants (business network), who use their differentiated and comprehensive competencies to support you as a company with all their experience, diversity and inspiration holistically on your way to more eco-effective products an services. Disruption is king!

The roots of Colourful Excellence

With Colourful Excellence, a supra-regional inspiring consultant network for Eco-Effectivness was founded in Cologne in 2019, which with great passion makes the versed joint expertise from the respective fields of business and law with the modern requirements of eco-effective products and services ( Cradle to Cradle thinking/design concept ) usable for companies.


The business network consultants that make up Colourful Excellence include Claus, Frank & Gian Luca, Gregor and Thomas. And in close cooperation with Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart (Cradle to Cradle co-founder). 

The Story behind the name

In our network brand name, the term "colourful" stands for a broad range of services, diversity and cosmopolitanism. The term "Excellence" expresses our mission: Each of our network partners strives to deliver the best results for your individual and comprehensive requirements for eco-effective action and management.