Business consulting in a different way

Colourful Excellence | Experienced, intuitive and targeted

People are colourful, life is colourful, the world is colourful! This is true not just in our private lives but equally in business. The carefully selected consultants at Colourful Excellence follow the conviction that modern business consulting should be just as colourful as your business and your team. And it should enhance and support the eco-friendliness (circular economy) of your products and services.


Every company and project deserves an individual approach and, ideally, interdisciplinary expertise. As a result, three unique individuals have come together as consultants (business network) to utilise their different but comprehensive business skills as well as their dynamic personalities in order to support you as a company by applying all their experience, diversity and inspiration in a holistic way. 


You can select and benefit from each consultant’s skill by identifying what you need for your specific business challenge ideally combined with your ecological responsibility. 


Whether you require strategic repositioning, a change in management, general business development, coaching or legal support, the Colourful Excellence style of consulting is a contemporary approach to streamlining your business strategy and to combine it with solutions for the circular economy based on the Cradle to Cradle thinking school & design concept.

The services are always colourful and vibrant in the approach to meeting your needs and bringing out the best of your diverse business colours. 

The roots of Colourful Excellence

Having successfully worked together from time to time over the years, three friends made up of two experienced managers and one professional lawyer saw an opportunity to combine their skills in order to help the growth and success of other businesses - environment friendly!


Already successful businessmen in their own right, running their own individual companies, the seed had been planted, and in 2020 they embraced the challenge of setting up a network together and watching that seed grow into a strong plant with a colourful flourish. 

With Colourful Excellence, they have now designed an inspirational business network in Cologne (Germany) and are passionate about making the accomplished, joint expertise from their fields of business, law and the Cradle to Cradle thinking school / design concept available to companies. And one thing is certain: three colours are definitely more vibrant than one.


Each of the three founders has their own expertise, strengths, abilities and unique character. 

You as an entrepreneur benefit immensely from these colourful skills.


The business network consultants that make up Colourful Excellence are Claus, Frank & Gian Luca.

The Story behind the name

The idea behind the name "Colourful Excellence" is quite simple: Three independently working consultants, three unique corporate designs. In our business network, the individual corporate colours stand for a wide range of services. The term "Excellence" states our mission: Each of us strives to deliver the best results for your bespoke and comprehensive requirements. For your business and for our environment.