Colourful consulting for eco-effective and successful business with good vibes

Do you have special and complex business challenges that require external advice and strategic or operational support? And you want to anchor eco-effective thinking and action deeply in your corporate philosophy and strategy?


We at Colourful Excellence provide you with consulting services and particulary for the next generations. The consultants at Colourful Excellence take pride in the ability to be analytical, precise and targeted in their approach to your needs using the combined experience, business appreciation and inspiration.


We also see it as an important task to accompany and support companies on their way to more environmental friendliness and disruptive thinking. Eco-effectiveness instead of Eco-efficiency is our maxime here. Because less bad is not good.

Even though the focus of Colourful Excellence is on eco-effectiveness (ecological dimension), our consulting approach always takes into account the economic and social dimensions as well. Colourful Excellence brings all dimensions into a triad that is feasible and finanically realizable for you and your company. 

Circular Economy? Of course. But it has to be organizationally and financially feasible.

The network consultants are very different personalities with different professional backgrounds, know-how, skills and perspectives. The consultants use this colorful diversity to implement the right eco-effective strategy for you and your company to the maximum extent possible and, above all, financially attractive.


Based on criteria catalogs developed for the respective industries, Colourful Excellence consultants work with you to develop your way to circular economy and to an eco-effectiveness strategy and pave the way for implementable individual measures. And together with Colourful Excellence's external certification and auditing partners, these will then become transparent, comprehensible and verifiable for your stakeholders at any time. 



Colourful Excellence wants to accompany and support you in a more eco-effective alignment of your products & services.


The vision: not to become less bad, but to create positive benefits for the environment, the people and the company.


The mission: A fast implementation of realistic goals that are financially feasible for  companies and externally verifiable.

Business Consulting network for the next generation that makes fun.

Business Consulting should not be a solo game, but filled with the motivation, power and experience of a specially selected, highly compatible and colourful consultant network. That makes the transition to sustainable action fun.


This is how Colourful Excellence defines a strong strategic consulting network for the next generation. 

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Austria Wien, Europäischer Handballverband, FC St. Pauli, Fortuna Düsseldorf, HBL Handball Bundesliga, Lanxess Arena, Swiss Football League, TÜV Rheinland, VFL Gummersbach and more. 

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